Men and Mental Health: Time to Change

I’ve come across so many amazing mental health bloggers since I’ve started my own blog to raise awareness on the subject. One thing has been very apparent to me though – that almost every blog I have seen has been written by a woman.

Men experience mental health problems too (obviously) so where are all of the male bloggers?

I’ve personally never felt like my gender was the reason that I concealed my own issues from the world. To me I felt like the shame and embarrassment I used to feel about my conditions was borne from a pressure to be ‘normal’ that anybody would have experienced.

I suppose it is difficult to judge though because I will never experience what it is like to be a woman with a mental health condition!

Anyway, it is really important that other men do feel like they can be open and talk about their own mental health. The statistic below from the charity SANE says it all:


Talking about mental health doesn’t have to be publically but at least with a GP, friends and/or family.

The Time to Change campaign has recognised this as well and has set up the ‘In Your Corner’ campaign to try and specifically target men to open up about mental health.

‘Our research shows that men are less likely to be open to mental health, and has revealed a number of barriers preventing men in particular from opening up to the topic of mental health.

So our new campaign aims to overcome the barriers men have to supporting their mates. It shows easy ways to step in and support a mate by being ‘in their corner’.

While it features men, the campaign is relevant to everyone, showing straightforward ways that anyone can be there for a friend.’

This week also saw Stormzy publically opened up about his experiences of depression. Hopefully such a prominent and successful male speaking about his own mental health and showing that it is not a weakness will inspire other men to talk.

The message from me, as always, is that it is vital to talk about mental health as it allows you to get the support you need to manage whatever condition you’re facing. Hopefully the campaigns, celebrities like Stormzy and my little blog will encourage everybody to talk!

Talking about mental health saves lives.

Until next time…



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