10k for Mind: Training Update 4 (Celebratory Fireworks and Level Crossings)

So this was the week that I managed to complete my first full 10k!


Here’s the breakdown…

Saturday 11th March

11th March11th March Pace

I missed training on Friday but managed to force myself out eventually on Saturday.

I set off too quickly AGAIN (one day I’ll sort out my pacing properly) but was really pleased with my final pace of 5’26” per km.

I ran out of steam after 6km though and proceeded to go home to get some rest.


Monday 13th March

13th March13th March Pace

The day that I managed to hit my 10km target!

Even better, it was in under an hour at a pace of 5’52” per km.

STILL slightly too quick over the first km but it is closer to what I had planned and allowed me to continue over the longer distance.

My only disappointment with this run was the fourth km.

The route which I run includes a level crossing. On this occasion I was interrupted by a train and had to divert up and over the station’s bridge to avoid having to wait.

On the positive side, I hope that means that I can still make improvements to quicken my times further.

I’m looking forward to the challenge.


Until next time…



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