10k for Mind: Training Update 5 (Job Interviews and Injury)

It has been over 3 weeks since my last training update so what on earth have I been doing!?

Well, to be honest, it hasn’t ended up being the best couple of weeks for me.

I’ve had to distance myself a bit from my blogging and training over the past few weeks in order to make time, around my current job, to complete job applications and prepare myself for the resulting interviews which I had for some exciting career opportunities.

Look! It’s me looking smart in a suit…


Unfortunately the suit didn’t work!

I put a lot into the whole process from application to interview and came close according to the feedback I’ve received. However, ultimately I was not selected.


It is really disappointing and hard to take but in no way has it knocked my confidence in myself.

I’m not an arrogant person but, especially over the last year, I have developed a real self-belief. I know that I am performing highly in my current role, I know that I am capable of achieving a lot in my career and I know that when I do get the opportunity I’m looking for I will work hard to succeed at it.

I’m down about the situation but definitely not out…


Putting the focus back on blogging

Now that these immediate opportunities have passed, I can pull my focus back to my blog – which I have missed over the past few weeks!

Fighting to help people who are having a difficult time with their mental health is something which I am massively passionate about.

More than that though,  I think it also gives me a sense of purpose and an outlet for skills which I cannot fully express in my current job.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job, have great relationships with colleagues and would like to stay within the organisation. However, I feel that I have achieved the majority of what can be achieved within my current role – which I have been in for over 2 years now.

I feel that I have a lot more to offer and I think that is part of the reason I started my blog. This, my fundraising and my volunteering allow me to manage my own projects, be more creative and get more engaged with people & their stories.


So how has my training been coming on?

In one word: Badly!reel-running-tmts-syndrome-U7ASs7-clipart

I’ve attempted a total of two runs in the last 3 weeks. This was partially a conscious decision (due to the time pressures on me which I’ve talked about). However it is also down to another annoying minor injury on the sole of my right foot.


Thursday 23rd March

Fitbit 2.jpg

Fitbit 3.jpg

So this was supposed to be a 5km run to get me back into the swing of things after a 10 day break in training.

I was happy with my time and my pacing. However, unfortunately I picked up a pain in the sole of my right foot which caused me a lot of discomfort.

This led to another break from running although I wouldn’t have been able to train so much over this period anyway due to everything I’ve spoken about.


Monday 3rd April

Fitbit 1.jpg

Again, this was me trying to bounce back into my training following another long absence and the disappointments of the last few weeks.

Unfortunately my tracker did not work during training so the only statistics I have available are straight from my Fitbit itself. This is frustrating because my Fitbit doesn’t seem to track my running as accurately without the tracker app.

On top of that, the pain in my foot returned and I had to cut my run short after 14 minutes.

So frustrating and disappointing. Perfectly summing up the last few weeks!

Next week I hope to be back to update you with a training update which actually includes a decent amount of running once again!

Until next time…



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