10k for Mind: Training Update 7 (Goofy Fish and Broken Records)

So it’s been a fortnight since my last update and, although I have only got two training runs to share with you, I have been smashing records all over the place!

We’re into the home straight now with less than a month to go until the Vitality London 10k on 29th May. So here is how I’ve been getting on…

Sunday 23rd April


Following on from my last 5km run on 18th April, I hit the road for another 10km to keep myself in shape ready for the big event.

I am really pleased with how this run went as I completed 10km in just over 55 minutes. A new PB! (I hate that expression by the way!).

Considering my original target was to complete the 10km in less than an hour, I’m very happy I can now shift my focus to trying to hit the sub 55 minute mark instead.

Hopefully on the day, on a course without slow-walking pedestrians and not having to fear for my life every time I run across a road, I’ll achieve this!


Tuesday 2nd May


On Tuesday it was cold, it was windy and I really really could not be bothered to go for a run (poor me!).

I’d put off training for over a week before this for various ‘valid’ reasons – including preparing for life with kittens (currently in the process of adopting and they will feature on my blog in some way soon!) and taking a trip to the Sea Life Centre in London…


Goofy FishBefore I get to talking about my run, can we just take a second to appreciate how goofy looking this fish from London Sea Life Centre is with it’s pointy teeth? >>>

Like, seriously, have you ever seen a fish which looks so goofy?

Let me know in the comments!


Anyway, long story short, predictably I went for a run despite the weather – what a hero I am right?


Once again, I was really happy with my record-breaking time – a sub 26 minute 5km!

At that rate, we’re looking at a 52 minute 10km. Who wants an outside bet on me running a sub 50 minute time at the Vitality London 10km?

No, me neither!

As ever, keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram. Also add me on Fitbit if you have one.

Until next time…



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