Mental Health Campaigning – From Hobby to Job! (Blog Update)

Hey, its been a while!

It has been a very busy month since I last posted – hence the fact I’ve been lapse in updating my blog. Let me explain…

So first the big news, this week I started my new role as Campaigns and Communications Lead for CPSL Mind!

CPSL Mind First Day!

When I first started blogging back at the start of this year, I never imagined that my passion for raising awareness about mental health and challenging stigma could realistically be more than just that.

I had a good job before but that’s all it was really – a job. Developing the courage to talk openly about my mental health has changed my life, given me a purpose and led me to where I am now.

For the first time in ages I’ve been excited about going to work. I’ve even had to drag myself away from the office because I am already so enthralled by the things which I’m going to be doing.

I’m at work but it doesn’t feel like work because it is my passion and if I wasn’t there I’d be campaigning anyway! It’s how life should be and it’s such an incredible feeling.

I feel so fortunate that this opportunity came up when it did and that I’m now in a position where I can be involved with incredible campaigns such as STOP Suicide and StressLESS.

StressLESS pic
Me at a StressLESS Workshop

So What Does This Mean for My Blog?

My efforts are obviously going to be channelled into my role with CPSL Mind and the campaigning I’ll be doing there. Therefore I think it’s likely that I won’t be posting on my personal blog as frequently as I have in the past.

The reason for this is just that I don’t want to become overwhelmed by my passion for mental health awareness as I find a balance between my new job and my personal life.

Working on campaigns all day and then my personal blog all night has the potential to overload me.

I will still be posting though! I want to keep you all updated with the work which I’ll be doing for CPSL Mind. I want to involve as many of you as possible in the campaigns I’ll be leading on and I’ll post more about this on my blog soon – so stay tuned!!!

I’ve also got an exciting post coming up about my time at Time to Change’s StoryCamp and I’ll also be posting my second (and last for now!) Rob Talks MH Tips.

It’s an exciting time and having the support of so many of you talented and passionate mental health bloggers/vloggers and advocates makes it so much more special. We really can achieve such amazing things together!

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Mental Health Campaigning – From Hobby to Job! (Blog Update)

  1. Rob, are you able to do talks for organisations? We are a smallish consultancy in construction and would like to have someone younger coma at talk about mental health issues ….. is this something that you could do?


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