An Agoraphobic’s Travel Guide to…Rome

Rome is utterly gorgeous.

In a world full of skyscrapers & modern architecture, Rome has somehow kept its authentic beauty and classical essence.

You forget you’re in a city at times. It’s so calming to wander the pretty streets taking in the history and the atmosphere.

Everywhere you look is a picture. Yet another photograph crying out to be taken. You can get lost in it all walking for hours and hours across the city by day and by night.


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Staying very centrally, I was lucky enough to be able to catch a glimpse of the Colosseum from the hotel (with a bit of leaning out of the window!).




The Colosseum is incredible both inside and out.

You can imagine the scenes all those years ago of walking into the arena and hearing the roar of the crowd.

It’s a remnant of a society which had very different morals and values to our own. In my mind though, it reminds me of a modern football stadium. I wonder if in another thousand years the empty shells of historic grounds that hosted the long-forgotten sport of football will be visited in a similar way.



There’s way too much going on in the Vatican Museum.




Every time you look up there is another ridiculously elaborate ceiling, every time you look down there is a beautiful mosaic and everywhere else you look there is a priceless statue or painting.



It sounds awe-inspiring but in reality it gets tiresome.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s impressive and worth visiting but by the time you reach the Sistine Chapel it’s just yet another fancy ceiling. You can get quite blasé to it.

While we’re on the Sistine Chapel, don’t have a policy of silence if you’re going to enforce it by shouting over microphones constantly! It kills the mood completely and just encourages people to talk.

In all honesty, the amount of wealth and indulgence in the Vatican is sickening and made me feel quite angry.

I’m not religious and the Vatican really served to highlight how much the hypocrisy and the whole premise of religion actually boggles my mind.

It astounds me that so much money can be hoarded in that one building when there are so many Catholics, and people in general, living in poverty around the world.

It has to be said though that St. Peter’s Square is beautiful and the architecture is amazing.


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The long walk back across the city from the Vatican was much more appealing to me than being in the museum itself.

Crossing the river Tiber and visiting the Spanish Steps & Trevi Fountain on the way was definetely worth the aching legs.


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Villa Borghese is a lovely place to visit too. It’s very chilled with plenty to see and do. Although, if you think hiring a little pedal car will save the strain on your legs let me tell you it doesn’t!



I haven’t even mentioned the food – the delicious pizza, pasta and ice cream particularly. I didn’t even get any pictures because I was far too busy eating it!

All in all I loved visiting Rome and I would recommend it to anyone.



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