STOP Suicide: Update

Hi guys,

It has been a while!

The last 6 months have been incredibly busy for me in my role as Campaigns and Communications Lead at CPSL Mind and my blog has taken a back seat.

This week we finally launched the new phase of the STOP Suicide campaign including our brand new campaign film which already has over 55,000 views on Twitter alone & has been endorsed by Stephen Fry!

You can see what I’ve been up to at and on social media @stopsuicidecam – please take a look and sign the pledge to support the campaign in raising awareness about suicide.

I filmed an Instagram story today which I thought I’d share to give you a bit of an update.

You can watch it here:

I’m planning on writing a reflective blog about the campaign later in the summer because it has been an incredible experience to work on but you’ll probably have to wait a while for that!

I’m off now to have a short break and then carry on with STOP Suicide campaigning in the community next week.

Please keep up with the campaign at and on social media @stopsuicidecam 🙌



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