Who am I?

My name is Rob, I’m 24 years old and I work full-time as an Admissions Administrator in the higher education sector. I graduated from university in 2013 and my girlfriend, Stacey, and I have recently bought our first house together in Cambridgeshire. I’m a huge Liverpool FC fan who enjoys exercise, listening to music, walking in amazing places and visiting zoos.

What a lot of people didn’t know about me until recently was that I have also been hugely affected by mental health conditions such as panic attacks, agoraphobia, anxiety and depression over the last 10 years since I was 15. Previously I’ve felt ashamed of the conditions which I’ve experienced and I had only ever opened-up about these issues to a handful of people. I learnt to conceal the issues which I have and struggle through each day when things were tough just to keep up the appearance of being ‘normal’.  I’m realising more and more that I need to speak up about mental health to help break down the misconceptions and stigmas which are attached to the subject as keeping quiet and feeling ashamed is not only completely wrong but also reinforces the prejudices and behaviours which need to be eradicated.

More than 4 years ago I overcame panic attacks & agoraphobia and I have learnt to manage my anxiety & depression to the point where over the last year these conditions have had a minimal impact on my day to day life. I have come a hell of a long way with my conditions and I have set up this blog in which I am going to speak out about my own experiences of mental health to try and help others reach the same point.

I remember being a teenager and having no idea what I was going through. Feeling like I would never ever in a million years achieve the things which I have done and which I still hope to do. I hate the thought that other people are still out there feeling hopeless about their mental health. You will get to a better place and I want to talk about my experiences to help you do it and, if nothing else, to give you hope that it is possible!